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Transform your ignorance to create possibilities...

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Mistake is what you know but still could not do by any reason and failed.

Life gives you abundance of time & chance to practice, fail and prepare yourself; Just to ensure that you do not make the same mistake on the final day of action.

⭐️Learning, practicing, preparation and Failure is Not Mistake⭐️

Michael Jordan practice 9000 times & fails to ensure not to fail & repeat the same mistake on the shorts in final game

Thomas Edison failed 2000 times to ensure not fail & make the same mistake on the final day of his demonstration.

You learn walking & running for years to ensure not to fail and make the same mistake on final day of race. Mistake may occur due to ignorance but ignorance is always ready to correct the mistake; Ignorance has its own humility.

Commit as many mistakes as possible, remembering only one thing: don’t commit the same mistake again. And you will be growing.

If you are not doing anything in your life you will never make any Mistake and you will be a mistake-less person. But you never learn and grow.

Think ….. Empower …… Transform

Transform your ignorance to create possibility Don't settle for anything less.

Hello friend, my name is Dhirendra Gautam, I am a life doctor and people transformation coach and I help people to transform their personality to discover their “Oneself” their real personality to further transform their decision making, through a scientifically designed patented framework which I have researched, discovered and created based on my seven years of research on People transformation. Primarily understanding the Human design, how people operate and take decision in their life and impact the results in their Life, career, business and relationship.

In this weekly newsletter, I am sharing my discoveries and experiences which I am experiencing by coaching and helping people to become a “Certified Charted Coach”, a Business leader and CXO and a transformed human being through India Coaching Federation (ICF).

If you are willing to transformed your ignorance to become a successful business Leader or a ICF Certified Chartered coach do write to us and visit our website and

If you are looking to empower yourself or the people in your organization; we have many success stories.

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