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Become a Coach, CEO & Leader

Largest Coaching organization in India with 100+ experienced

and certified ACC/PCC/MCC coaches providing

World's Best Life, Business & Leadership Coaching worldwide

Awarded No. #1 org. for "Coach Certification program"

for three consecutive years 2021, 2022 & 2023

As a national body for coaches & coaching in India to promote, regulate, structure, certify, empower and transform coaches & coaching in India which can create a benchmark for the world in empowering people to resolve their Life, Career, Business, Health & Relationship challenges.

Our all coaching program assures

100% money-back guarantee 

Accredited & Recognized by a Central Govt. licensed chamber

Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industries (NMCBI)

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Coach Certification Program ACC/PCC/MCC

Government licensed body accredited Certifications for the coaches in India and world in Life, Career, Relationship, Business, Leadership & Wellness coaching.

Our coaches are recognized & accepted by fortune 500 companies, MNCs and Govt. organizations.

Creating value by certifying new coaches who is exploring the opportunity to become future coaches and helping to create Empowered and Atmanirbhar India.

Business & Leadership Coaching

We coach people to discover their leadership within to become a CXO, CEO & business leader with our research based Leadership coaching program.

We help business leaders & organization to find true potential to further  embrace and develop a robust and impactful coaching culture.


Partnering with corporates to help empower their L&D objectives to create future business leaders. 

Regulations & Benchmarking

Structuring & Regulating Coaching Practice in India for the coaches & coaching.

Adopting and creating research based coaching frame-work to scientifically empower and transform people's life, career, business health, wellness and relationship.

Uniquely regulated research based content and framework to train and coach people across the world by all our ICF certified Coaches

ICF Membership for

Professional Coaches

Offering professional membership to the coaches to registered themselves as Fellow and Associate member of India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Adding value to the coaching profession & skill of the coaches by providing continued learning (CLP) research & development, business lead support along with coaching event, networking, client referrals, conferences and awards for the coaches to recognized their efforts.

Research based Coaching
& Coach certification program

At ICF we are offering world's best & No. #1 research based & patented coaching and coach certification program. To empower and transform Life, career, business & relationship of the people & business leaders.

We are certifying people to become Certified Chartered Coach (ACC, PCC & MCC) 

with 100% moneyback assurance success


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Organizations whose
executives were coached and transformed

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Optimizing People's Potential

by coaching & transforming them to become CEO, CXO
business leader and Certified Chartered Coach

At India coaching Federation (ICF) we are coaching corporate executive to transform and help them grow and become future business leaders and CXO.

We are also coaching and certifying people & leaders to become a certified chartered coach (ACC/PCC/MCC)

We are specialized in Business and leadership coaching with more than 200+ coaches globally 


Murali Vaidyanathan

Managing Director India Hanon Systems

Ravindra Hunashimarad

Ravindra Hunashimarad

Group Manager - Citrix R&D India Ltd

Hena Raina

Hena Raina

CIO & Snr. VP - Citi Bank 


Taroon Ahooja

Director - PwC India 

Gaurav Nanda 2_edited.png

Gaurav Nanda

VP,  Aditya Birla Group


Manabendra Misra

ED & HR Head - SAIL & L&T


KV Premraj

Business Leader & Banker - HDFC Bank

Seenivasan Varadachar1_edited.png

Seenivasan Varadachar 

Director - Blu Oceana


Saandeep Jaain

Director SCM 

Zee Group

Suresh Shetye_edited.png

Suresh Shetye

ICF Master Coach

CEO - Boom Stride

Bharti Chauhan_edited.png

Bharti Chauhan

ICF Master Coach

Director - Success Torch

Bappadit Roay - 2_edited.png

Bappadit Roy

President Corporate Solution  Alliance Insurance

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey_edited.png

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey Senior Director, SOLV

Standard Chartered 

Bibha photo -1_edited_edited.png

Bibha Mishra

Program Director World Bank

Uppara Parasu Veera_edited_edited_edited.png

Uppara Parasu Veera

VP, UPL Group, Ex. RIL

Deepak Kumar Goyal - 2_edited_edited.png

Deepak Kumar Goyal

Founding Director Imperial College Group

Khushboo Sharma_edited.png

Khushboo Sharma

ICF Master Coach

Sagar Gosalia_edited.jpg

Sagar Gosalia

Director, PepsiCo

Narayan Kansal_edited.png

Narayan Kansal

Director & Owner,  Vavdanya Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Prernaa Awasthi_edited.png

Prernaa Awasthi

Director, Lovely Professional University

Creating world-class Leaders & Coaches

through our research based coaching programs to have Confidence, Credibility, Content &


At India coaching Federation (ICF) we are creating world's best coaches who can stand in front of their Coachee or clients and confidently say that “ Yes I will help you resolve your any life, career, business or relationship challenges with assured success or I will not charge any money”.

We help you discover the real coach within you by transforming your own life to help discover the coach within you. This further brings confidence in you as a coach to stand in front of your coachee and client and say that yes, I will help you discover and resolve your challenges in Life with assured success.


100% Success 


We deliver 100% measurable success and growth in all our coaching, training and mentoring programs delivered to individuals, corporate executives and business leaders with proven ROI 

Research based Coaching

Research based scientifically designed coaching and training framework with copywrite to provide a structured" Listening - Enquiring - Discovering" and transforming the coachee

Coaching at all Mgt. Levels

Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering people  at all management & size of the org. and at all levels of intellectuality from a business leader, owners, Global CEO & CxO & executives to a student in college & school.

Experience Accredited Coached

Experienced, Trained and certified coaches who can deliver result and from corporate leadership and business management background with proven track record of delivering result with assured success

Why Leaders choose us

Corporate Leaders, business owners & professionals choose ICF as their L&D coaching and empowering partner because we deliver exceptional result with ROI.

At India coaching Federation (ICF) we have global network of  200+ coaches from diverse corporate, business, education, training & development background.

They speak 15+ languages and Present in 30+ cities of India & 07 International Locations.

Our coaching frame-work LADDER is Invented in India to empower, coach & transform people around the world with assured result.

Understanding coaching & training need and expectation

We talk to the concern person to understand their Coaching, training or Mentoring expectation to provide most appropriate solution to meet and exceed the expectation and deliver the best result.

In some cases we take the business leaders through a research based diagnostic tool to assess the leadership capability and to identify the gap and design the complete coaching and training plan based on that.

We Coach, empower & transform 
people to resolve their
life, career & business challenges

At ICF we use our patented research based assessment, diagnostic, coaching tool and LADDER frame-work to  coach, train and empower professionals and business leaders to further empower and transform their life and career to take their business to the next level of growth and Success


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Join India's Largest and Most Recognized Organization for Professional Coaching 

and to become a Coach

India coaching Federation (ICF) represent the group of highest quality professionally coached, trained and certified coaches in the world


We are the only coaching organization with research based coaching framework to coach and transform people to help resolve their challenges in Life, Job, Career, Business and relationship with 100% 



We invite you to join us in empowering the world through coaching. Your journey of success, and advancement as a professional coach with us.

Professional Development

  • Business opportunity Sharing.

  • Coaching community & networking

  • Conference & Seminars

  • Coaching Awards & Recognitions

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