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Transform your Procrastination to become Productive in life

Logic, Emotions and Survival are the three distinct characteristics of our human mind; based on the level of consciousness and wisdom our mind utilised our logic to create millions of desires in our life.

As per research, on average every human being in this world creates more than 10,000 desires every weak. Many of them are automatically rejected by our subconscious mind based on our prior experiences, strengths, weaknesses, resentments and grievances in our life and only few of them are directed to our conscious mind take decision and implement them to fulfil those desires in our life, career, business and relationship.

Our life is full of desires and dreams. We create goals and plan daily routines to achieve those goals. But we lack the self-discipline and feel lazy to actually implement and do it. We plan and dream big but lack the energy and willingness to take action.

According to research, more than 46% of the people experience being tired almost all the time. Instead of actually identifying the reason behind it, they just say they’ll do it later and procrastinate the things.

As per my research in understanding human design and how people operate and take decision in their life, I discovered that the moment you have a desire created based on likes and dislikes through your logical mind; your emotional mind get activated and create fear inside your mind thinking whether this desire will be fulfilled or not? And this fear starts impacting your decision making because you are not sure about your strength, weakness and capability. And because of your uncertainty about the outcome of the desire, the fear of failure, you start procrastinating and experience being lazy to take decision.

Truly speaking, only by dismantling and transforming your acquired personality you can create a synchronization between you logical, emotional and survival mind to further operate and take decision from your awareness and wisdom to create indifference in the outcome of the desires and you can overcome fear of failure and kill procrastination and laziness.

If you want to discover your oneself and transform your decision making to become more productive, at India coaching federation we have many success stories of the corporate executives who had discovered their true leadership potential and become CEO, CXO and Business leader in reputed organizations. You can see the detail about our CEO & Leadership Coaching program at

Here are some of the observations which you can use in your life, career and business to empower yourself and come out of your procrastination and laziness. And some of them works as quick-wins in your life. Let’s understand what you can learn from them and how you can utilize in your life.

Today’s people lack physical and mental activeness, they just are addicted to instant gratification and quick results. Sometimes your body needs rest and it’s okay to put it to rest but laziness as a lifestyle should be avoided. Others are so focussed on work that they work till they burn out and then lack the motivation to start again and also hate the work after that.

As per research only 10% of people in the world are actually financially free and the rest are busy daydreaming about success.

Research shows that in regards to laziness, a 2.8% increase in laziness can decrease productivity by 1%. That means even small changes have a big impact and it is important to stay focussed to maximize productivity. Here, at India Coaching Federation, we aim to transform laziness to become more productive. We have a success rate of 98% for complete transformation leading you to be happier and more successful.

Laziness is just a lack of energy and motivation to do something. Understanding how to utilize our energy to actively work is very crucial for doing a good job. Energy is our currency. If you are tired, you are not giving any productive results. So, learn how to channelise your energy to be more active and productive. Here are some of the tips to overcome laziness and procrastination and be better productive in your life.

1. Find what motivates you: To do any task you need a push to start and continue that task. Make a list of all the things that make you motivated and energized to complete tasks. So, when you get lazy, do the things in that list and get the energy to do the task.

2. Avoid distractions: Sometimes you are motivated and have the willingness to work but you take the phone to scroll some reels and hours have passed wasting your time. Try to reduce social media consumption or anything that you know for sure is a time waster. Try to resist the temptation for instant gratification.

3. Create a healthy lifestyle: If you eat healthy and sleep properly, your energy levels would be maintained and you would enjoy your work more. Because when you are hungry or sleepy, you can’t concentrate on your work. Try to eat healthy snacks while working or take small naps if you are sleepy.

4. Give yourself breaks as rewards: Our brain can’t concentrate on a single task for more than 45 minutes. So, give yourself a 5-minute or 10-minute break after every 45 minutes. Move your body or eat a healthy snack or talk to someone to take a break. It would be a small reward for uninterrupted concentrated deep work you did for 45 minutes. The rewards would further motivate you to work.

5. Find an accountability partner: Humans tend to perform better when their reputation is at stake. Find someone who cares about your productivity and would push you to perform better and be active and remind you of your goals and long-term vision.

6. Find what’s stopping you: Try to find the real reason why you are procrastinating. Ask yourself questions. Or discuss it with someone you trust who would have the answer. When you find what’s stopping you from being active in chasing your goals, you should try to work on that obstacle. And hence you would actively work on your goals.

7. Find your ‘Purpose’: Once you know the purpose why you want to achieve those goals, temporary laziness or overwhelming emotions won’t be able to stop you from being self-disciplined of achieving those goals.

Hope you now know how to overcome your procrastination and laziness to actively work towards your goals without burning yourself out. Take care of your body and mind so that it would be an extremely good tool for you to reach your goals. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates from India Coaching Federation. Click here.

Operating from your acquired personality, whatever you do in your life, your get only four results. You can either be successful, Unsuccessful, Failure or betray. Everyone wants to be successful in their life but only 10% of the peoples are financially free on this earth and almost 100% people are struggling in their life and relationship challenges.

At India Coaching federation we dismantle your acquired personality to transform your strengths & weaknesses to create wisdom & awareness to further transform your decision-making and help you become a better version of yourself to help resolve all the problems and challenges you may have in life, job, career, business & relationship.

India Coaching Federation is a National accredited Coach Certification body which is the largest in India and second largest in the world having 200+ Certified Chartered Coaches. We coach people to become World-class Coaches and business Leaders with 100% money-back guarantee. All our Coaching and Coach Certification Programs are designed and structured on the basis of our research and we are able to create many remarkable impacts in the life, career and relationship of the people we coach.

For more details you can visit our website or request a demo session for one-to-one coaching. Do write to us if you are looking for an answer or solution to any problem you are experiencing.

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