India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Transforming Coaches & Coaching in India for the world.

Through a research based scientifically designed patented framework


A national body for coaches & coaching in India to promote, regulate, structure, certify, empower and transform coaches & coaching in India which can create a benchmark for the world in empowering people to resolve their Life, Career, Business, Health & Relationship challenges.

At ICF we are creating coaches who can stand in front of their Coachee or Trainee and confidently say that

“I will help you resolve your any life, career, business or relationship challenges with assured success or

I will not charge any fees”.

Why India Coaching Federation (ICF) ?


Western Coaching, trainings & education system has lost it’s utility & credibility in resolving the life, career and relationhsip challenges of people in this world. They are just making people eligible for certain Jobs in corporates. And the example is very clear; USA is the wealthiest country in this world; But today every 2nd American is a divorcee and every 3rd American is suffering from a diagnosable mental illness.

As per research the personality through which we take decision & implement them in our life is our acquired personality. Hence whatever decision we take through this acquired personality, is not giving the expected result in our life, career, business & relationship.

For the 1st time in the history of universe; at India Coaching Federation (ICF) we have developed a research based scientific framework where through our coaching process, we are able to dismantle and transform the “Acquired Personality" of any person to help them discover their real personality, who they are? their “oneself” & Their Passion.

And when we operate and take decision from our real discovered personality, our Oneself; we are able to discover and resolve all our challenges in life, career, business and relationship. And whatever we do in our life based on discovered passion, we get satisfaction and fulfilment in life and money comes as by product in abundance.

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What we offer at ICF

Coaching & Training

We Provide Coaching and training to individuals, groups, corporate, institutions, Government  organisations & Business Leaders


Corporate tie-ups as L&D partner to help empower their L&D objectives.


Government and Universities tie-ups and partnership to co-create world class coaching practices in India for the world.

Certification for Coaches

Government licensed body accredited Certifications for the coached in India and world in Life, Career, Business, Leadership & Wellness coaching.

Partnering with recognised  institutions & universities  for co-certification.

Value creation by certifying new coaches who is exploring the opportunity to become future coaches and helping to create Empowered and Atmanirbhar India.

Regulation & Benchmarking 

Structuring & Regulating Coaching Practice in India for the coaches & coaching.

Adopting and creating research based coaching frame-work to scientifically empower and transform people's life, career, business health, wellness and relationship.

Why Corporate Leaders, Business executives, Professionals and Individuals choose ICF as their empowering partner

100% Success Guarantee
We deliver 100% measurable success and growth in all our coaching, training and mentoring programs delivered to individuals, corporate executives and business leaders with proven ROI 

Research based Coaching & Training Frame-work

Research based scientifically designed coaching and training framework with copywrite to provide a structured
"Listening - Enquiring - Discovering" and transforming the coachee

Experienced & accredited Coaches who deliver result

Experienced, Trained and certified coaches from corporate leadership and business management background with proven track record of delivering result with assured success
Global Network of 500+ Coaches Mentors & Trainers
500+ coaches from diverse corporate, business, education, training & development background speaking 30+ languages and Present in 50+ cities of India & 7 International Locations.
Coaching for all management level and size of the organisation
Coaching, Mentoring and Empowering people with all levels of intellectuality from a business leader, owners, Global CEO & CxO & executives to a student in college & school.
Invented in India to empower people around the world 
To the world, For the world by India
Invented in India to transform and resolve the Life, career, business and life challenges of the people around the world 

How we are empowering, Coaching & Training

STEP - 01

Understanding coaching & training need and expectation
We talk to the concern person to understand your Coaching, training or Mentoring expectation to provide most appropriate solution to meet and exceed the expectation and deliver the best result.

STEP - 02

Recommending the Coaching & Training Solution and The best Coach or Coaches
We recommend the best coaching & Training solution along with coaching content and frame-work. If required we do offer a demo of our proposed coaching and training solution.
We recommend the best coach or a group of coach to deliver the coaching assignment to have maximum result. you have the opportunity to interact with coach before finalizing. 

STEP - 03

Delivering the Coaching & Training with
measurable Best Results
Measure and see the growth and success delivered through our coaching and training program.