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Program to become CEO

Discover your leadership withing
to become a successful 
business leader & CXO

A research based leadership coaching program to transform your personality and decision making to help you discover your "oneself" as a business leaders to further create a meaningful 

career as a CXO & CEO.

World's best leadership coaching program
with 100% assured success 

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Have you every realized, why only around 01% of the management & MBA professionals are able to become CXO & CEO in the organizations ? What happened to the rest 99% ??

Leadership is not the paid position of employment, It is the passion of the person to take the people and the organization to the next level of growth & success - - Dr.D

Unable to Decide ?

Know the people and their success stories as a Business Leader 

I have worked with them coached and Transformed

(Click on the photo to see their LinkedIn profile)

Ravindra Hunashimarad

Ravindra Hunashimarad

Group Manager - Citrix R&D India Ltd


Murali Vaidyanathan

Managing Director India Hanon Systems

Hena Raina

Hena Raina

CIO & Snr. VP - Citi Bank 


KV Premraj

Business Leader & Banker - HDFC Bank


Manabendra Misra

ED & HR Head - SAIL & L&T


Taroon Ahooja

Director - PwC India 

Khushboo Sharma_edited.png

Khushboo Sharma

ICF Master Coach

Bappadit Roay - 2_edited.png

Bappadit Roy

President Corporate Solution  Alliance Insurance

Uppara Parasu Veera_edited_edited_edited.png

Uppara Parasu Veera

VP, UPL Group, Ex. RIL

Bharti Chauhan_edited.png

Bharti Chauhan

ICF Master Coach

Director - Success Torch

Gaurav Nanda 2_edited.png

Gaurav Nanda

VP,  Aditya Birla Group


Asmita Sangore

Business Analyst Sciative Solutions

Suresh Shetye_edited.png

Suresh Shetye

ICF Master Coach

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey_edited.png

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey Senior Director, SOLV

Standard Chartered 

Sagar Gosalia_edited.jpg

Sagar Gosalia

Director, PepsiCo

Deepak Kumar Goyal - 2_edited_edited.png

Deepak Kumar Goyal

Founding Director Imperial College Group

Swarnika Porwal_edited.png

Swarnika Porwal

University of Southampton

Prasad Pol_edited.png

Prasad Pol

SME Project

Tata Class Edge


Saandeep Jaain

Director SCM 

Zee Group


Prabhakar Mendhe

ICF Master Coach

Aishani Sharma_edited.png

Aishani Sharma

Program Manager BYJU'S

Prernaa Awasthi_edited.png

Prernaa Awasthi

Director, Lovely Professional University

Narayan Kansal_edited.png

Narayan Kansal

Director & Owner,  Vavdanya Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Abhishek Lata_edited.png

Abhishek Lata


Prakash Nairr

ICF Master Coach

Prakash Nairr_edited.png

About this Program

This leadership coaching program is designed based on the research of Dr. Dhirendra Gautam in understanding human design and how to empower people to Transform their career and Leadership Capability to become a successful business leader and CXO in an organization of global repute.


Leadership is all about "Taking Decision and Implementing those decisions"

This coaching program is all about re-discovering your leadership by understanding the enhanced decision making and implementation capability through a scientific framework and tool to become a transform business Leader to further take your company and business to the next level of growth and success. 

Three reason why this program
is better than any other Leadership Program

In this Coaching & Leadership Development Program you will Learn

You will further discover and practically learn:

  • Self-awareness, Discover your oneself as a Business Leader to create a meaningful future for self & others

  • How to transform your Decision making capability as a Leader.

  • How to Resolve corporate and business challenges as a transformed Business Leader.

  • How to Disrupt business risk and failure as a transformed corporate leader

  • How to manage performance at three levels - Self, Team and organization to deliver best result.

  • How to Manage and resolve time & stress management issue of people in your team and department resolving any work-life balance challenges.

  • Retaining the top performing talents and developing them to become future business leader 

Program Directors

Gautam IAF self - passport-2_edited.png
Dr. Dhirendra Gautam

Chairman : India Coaching Federation (ICF)

A Global CFO turned Life doctor and leadership coach, Empowering people and transforming their Life, career, business and relationship challenges through his research-based patented business Coaching framework with assured success.

Empowered 3000+ peoples in more than 10 countries through his research based Coaching, Training and Leadership Development Program.


(Ph.D., CA, CMA, ICWA), Ex. Global CFO & Director Finance SuperMax World, Al Khodari Group, Unilever, Pepsi & Motorola

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