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ICF Coach Certification Programs

ICF will be coaching, training & certifying the eligible people who wants to become a Chartered coach to empower & transform the life of other people around the world through our research based frame-work
with assure success 

Coaching is all about empowering People & Transforming their Life, Career, Business & Relationship
ICF will be certifying peoples on the following categories 
to become a ICF certified Coach

Business & Leadership Coaching

Career  Coaching

Life & Relationship Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching


  • Business Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • CXO Coaching

  • MSME Coaching

  • Startup Coaching


  • Job & Career Coaching

  • Education Coaching

  • Performance Coaching


  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Women Coaching

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Behavioural Coaching


  • Health & Wellness coaching

After Certification
you have the opportunity to become a ICF certified Chartered Coach and an ICF Member

ICF Certified Chartered Coaches

Associate Chartered Coach (ACC)

  • A trained and certified Chartered coached from India coaching Federation (ICF) can practice and engage in coaching activities independently as Life Coach, Career Coach and Relationship Coach.

  • Have an opportunity to get associated with a senior coach of India Coaching Federation / paid Internship (optional)

  • Allowed to be the member of any state and city council of ICF

Professional Chartered Coach (PCC)

  • Completed minimum 05 Independent Coaching assignments as an Associate Chartered Coach (ACC).

  • Completed 100 hours of Coaching assignment independently as an ACC or in collaboration with other PCC & MCC.

  • Allowed to be the member and director of any state and city council of ICF.

Master Chartered Coach

  • Minimum Three year of coaching experience as ACC and PCC Coach of India Coaching Federation.

  • Minimum 50 Coaching, training and mentoring assignments done as a chartered coach of India Coaching Federation.

  • Allowed to be the member, Director, MD, VP and Chairman of ICF.

Integrated Master Chartered Coach Certification Program (IMCC)

An unique opportunity for Corporate and Business Leaders with 10+ years of experience in Leadership roles to become a

Master Coach / Leadership Coach to Empower and Transform Business Leaders

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