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Transform your coaching career to become a Certified Chartered Coach (ACC, PCC & MCC)

India Coaching Federation (ICF) is coaching, training & certifying the eligible people who wants to become a Chartered coach

to further empower & transform the life of other people

around the world through our research based

world's no. #1 coaching program

with assure success.

As a certified coach you can provide all types of coaching service to the people to empower & transform 

their life, career, business & relationhsip


Ms. Bharti Chauhan

India Coaching Federation - Master Coach (MCC)

Director - Success Torch


Life & Relationship Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Women Coaching

  • Parenting Coaching

  • Behavioural Coaching

  • Health & Wellness Coaching


Business, CXO & Leadership Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • CXO Coaching

  • MSME Coaching

  • Startup Coaching


Career and Job Coaching

  • Job & Career Coaching

  • Education Coaching

  • Performance Coaching

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Four levels of coach certification programs to serve different level of people around
the world

At ICF we provide four levels of coach certification to serve different experience level of the people in general and corporates in this world. (ACC, PCC, MCC & IMCC)

We do not need your prior credential & experience of coaching & training from people to become a certified ICF chartered coach.


Associate Chartered Coach (ACC)

A trained & certified Associate Chartered coached (ACC) from India coaching Federation (ICF) can practice and engage in coaching activities  independently as Life Coach, Career Coach and Relationship Coach.


Professional Chartered Coach (PCC)

To be become a Professional Charted Coach (PCC) one should must completed minimum 05 Independent coaching assignments or 100 hours of equivalent coaching assignment independently as an ACC or in collaboration with other PCC & MCC.


Master Chartered Coach (PCC)

To become a Master Charted Coach (MCC) one should have minimum three year of coaching experience as ACC and PCC Coach of India Coaching Federation. or 

Minimum 50 Coaching, training and mentoring assignments done as a chartered coach of India Coaching Federation.


Integrated Master  Chartered Coach (IMCC)

An unique opportunity for Corporate and Business Leaders with 10+ years of experience in Leadership roles to become a

Master Chartered Coach (MCC) / Leadership Coach to Empower and Transform corporate executives and Business Leaders

Our coach certification programs are designed to create
the best coach, who can cater
the specific coaching need
of people & corporates
in this world

Coaching is all about people transformation. Primarily transforming the personality of the people to transform their decision making in their life, career and business.

At ICF we are coaching eligible peoples to become coach for around six month on three levels of certification program & then honour them as ICF certified
Chartered Coach (ACC, PCC & MCC)

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Research bases coach certification program

Research based (patented) coaching framework & content to coach & certify people to become a certify Associate, professional and Master Chartered coach (ACC, PCC & MCC).


Discover your coach within

Specialised Coach certification Program to “Discover your Coach within you”  to discover and transform your own challenges in your life to become a self-transformed chartered Coach.


Scientifically designed coaching process

Scientifically designed content based coaching program based on Listening - Enquiry - Doing - Discovering - Experiencing to transform, coach and certify coaches.


Worlds best master coach 

World’s best Master Coach and Program Director

Dr. Dhirendra Gautam, a global CFO turned life and leadership coach who had created this coach certification program based on his 07 years research in human transforamtion

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  • Business opportunity Sharing.

  • Coaching community & networking

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  • Coaching Awards & Recognitions

Professional Development

Business Opportunity

  • Continuous Learning opportunity (CLP)

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Life long



Join India's Largest and Most Recognized Organization for Professional Coaching 

and to become a Coach

India coaching Federation (ICF) represent the group of highest quality professionally coached, trained and certified coaches in the world


We are the only coaching organization with research based coaching framework to coach and transform people to help resolve their challenges in Life, Job, Career, Business and relationship with 100% 



We invite you to join us in empowering the world through coaching. Your journey of success, and advancement as a professional coach with us.

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