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Coaching Business Leaders and 

We are Coaching business leaders and the Organizations to empower and transform them and support organizations of all sizes, industries and backgrounds to embrace coaching in their day-to-day operations and leadership practices.


Discover how we can coach & support your leadership team and organization to empower & transform them to further  embrace and develop a robust and impactful coaching culture.


Find how you can discover your leadership within to become Business Leader and CXO / CEO 

Portrait of Businessman

Empowering corporate executives   
usiness leaders & owners
through our innovative & research based coaching & training programs to help them
discover their true leadership.

We help business leaders to discover their leadership within to transform their personality to further transform their decision making to take the organization to the next level of Growth and success and create future business leaders.

Our experts have developed the framework to train and coach Leaders, where they can scientifically dismantle the obstacles in their life causing a barrier to achieve blissfulness.


Saandeep Jaain

Director SCM 

Zee Group (BE & MBA)

Invented in India to empower business leaders & CXO's around the world.

Bibha photo -1_edited_edited.png

Bibha Mishra

Program Director

World Bank

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey_edited.png

Rakesh Mohan Tahilianey Senior Director, SOLV

Standard Chartered Bank Group (NIT & IIM B)

Bappadit Roay - 2_edited.png

Bappadit Roy

President Corporate Solution  Alliance Insurance (NIT & IIM C)

Narayan Kansal_edited.png

Narayan Kansal

Director & Owner,  Navdanya Foods Pvt. Ltd.


Uppara Parasu Veera_edited_edited_edited.png

Uppara Parasu Veera 

CEO -Eskay Iodine Pvt. Ltd. VP, UPL & RIL


Sagar Gosalia_edited.jpg

Sagar Gosalia

Director, PepsiCo

(SP Jain)

Aishani Sharma_edited.png

Aishani Sharma

Program Manager BYJU'S


Gaurav Nanda 2_edited.png

Gaurav Nanda

VP,  Aditya Birla Group


Deepak Kumar Goyal - 2_edited_edited.png

Deepak Kumar Goyal

Founding Director Imperial College Group


Prernaa Awasthi_edited.png

Prernaa Awasthi

Director, Lovely Professional University


Leadership Coaching

Research based scientifically designed leadership coaching and training framework with copywrite to provide a structured" Listening - Doing- Enquiring - Discovering" and transforming opportunity to the business  leaders & owners.

Ranked best & no. # 01 in the world coaching program


Corporate Executive training

We deliver 100% measurable success and growth in all our Corporate training, coaching, and mentoring programs delivered to individuals, corporate executives and business leaders with proven ROI and assessment tool.

We cater the need of training at all levels and function in the organization.


Leadership & Management  Development Programs.

These advance leadership and management development 

programs are designed for corporate executives, professionals and business leaders, who are willing to achieve their desired success and growth in their job, career and business and become CXO, CEO and Business Leaders. 


Women Leadership 
programs (WLDP)

This program is specially designed for Women professional, executives and business leaders who wants to grow in their career and become a CxO or who wants to re-start their corporate career after some break or explore the possibility to become a business owner and entrepreneur.


Empower your Business (EYBP)

Managing business is the passion of an entrepreneur and business owner to take their business to the next level of growth and profitability.


Unless you are an empower and transform person; you cannot transform your business and career as business leader.

We empower business owners, leaders and startups with skills, mindset and network to undertake the biggest challenges of their business and life. See how you can empower yours.


Empower your Career (EYCP)

Your career is the long term profession of your passion; unless you discover your passion how you can create a fulfilling career?

Your certification & qualification makes your eligible for various Job positions in corporates but you need to take the control of creating your own career.


We help corporate executives, Cxo's & business leaders to discover their passion and then equip them with leadership capabilities to transform their career to become a successful business leader & execution expert to lead global businesses and grow them profitable


Empower your Life (EYLP)

In humans life there cannot be any bigger propose in life other than knowing and discovering the Life itself.

We empower human beings to rediscover your real personality through our research based human design frame-work. Once you discover your personality, your oneself, who am I? then you have the power of wisdom to create a fulfilling life and experience the limitless possibilities to build a better world you live in.


Discover your oneself
Who am I ?

If you are ready to “Know your thyself” Who am I? Then this research based training program is for you to explore the possibility as you.

As a human being there is only one thing, we all should know and after knowing that we do required to know anything else in our life. That one thing is to know your oneself.

For the 1st time in the history of universe we have developed a research based frame-work through which we will be able to help you discover your Oneself.

talk to coach (1).png

100 %
of our participants rates our coaching as Life transforming

120 %
better team & 

improvement in managing stress & 

60 %
relationhsip management 

80 %
increase in goal attainedment 
in life

Human potential elevated
by our research based
scientifically designed
coaching programs
and framework

At ICF we have developed our own patented coaching frame-work which is scientifically designed based on the research
in understanding human design to transform the personality of the individual to further transform their decision making to help resolve challenges in their life, career, business & relationship.

upto 200 %
increased in job performance after coaching

blisss 4.jpg

Transform your life to experience
the bliss

Success, profile & position is not the bliss

If you are a successful person with your position, profile and the money you earn from your job, career, business or profession. It is not necessary that you are a happy, satisfied, fulfilled and a blissful person.

Your wealth and financial freedom can only help you having the temporary comfort in your life where you can acquire and enjoy all luxuries and live with comfort.

For the 1st time in the history of universe we have created a research-based framework where we help you to discover and “Experience the real Bliss” in your life and re-create the opportunity to experiencing bliss in whatever you do in your life, job, career, business and relationship

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