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Quarantine blues got you down?

No one ever imagined actually being in a global pandemic. The virus which still has no cure has struck fear in the minds of people. Self-isolation and social distancing have become the major norms that have come in practice with the aim to stay safe from getting infected. Everyone is battling different fears in quarantine. Some are worried of running out of basic things and this fear led to panic buying which in turn caused shortage of some products in supermarkets. However, as time passed, this fear vanished and people learned to buy only what they needed rather than stockpiling.

As the Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill, put countries in lockdown, the economies around the world are suffering. Lack of revenue caused companies to make employees redundant to avoid paying them. People are also being furloughed which is better than being redundant as they still get paid an average of their monthly salaries. Uncertainty about being able to afford basic necessities causes financial stress among people. GHU empowers people by giving them the ability to discard financial stress. This can be done by taking charge of one's own success and not depending on anyone for it. Invest your funds to get fruitful returns, finding remote work while staying in quarantine to have stability of income and pursuing jobs that you feel excited to work at. It is also important to cut out unnecessary expenses so as to save money when dealing with financial stress. Budgeting is another effective way to reduce or eliminate financial stress.

Relationships are also being affected in the pandemic. The stress of finance, staying at home most of the day due to lockdown and the fear of infection is taking a toll on everyone. Stress leads to unpleasantness. People who are staying alone, unable to meet their friends and family due to lockdown can suffer from depression and anxiety caused from loneliness. Distance and inability to meet in person puts a strain on relationships. The desire to meet is contradicted by the will to stay safe. Stress, uncertainty, loneliness, unpleasantness can cause people to have arguments with their loved ones because there emotions tamper the tolerance and patience of a person. These arguments can often grow to the extent that it becomes difficult to repair the relationship. It is important to focus on keeping a calm demeanor during quarantine and doing activities which make one feel good so as to avoid appalling emotions. GHU believes that human transformation can aid to eradicate relationship stress. The transformation of mind and personality that drives an individual towards success removing the obstacles in the way is a part of GHU's human empowerment. Success leads to fulfillment and satisfaction. When one is satisfied, he/she feels happy and delightful. Research suggests that people who are happy with their lives tend to have less relationship troubles/stress than those who are struggling to find success and happiness. GHU empowers individuals to overcome this struggle and move towards a blissful life.

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