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Working to get Appreciated is not Leadership

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Whenever we do; if we do with a motive to get appreciated, recognised and awarded our intention shifts from being creative to create something which can be liked and appreciated by other and in that case, you become a technician and you lost the opportunity of being creative like an Artist or a leader.

Your work will have technical perfection, but it will not have soul, it will not be alive.

Genius speaks out of his hart without bothering whether people will like this and appreciate or not. Mediocre people work for perfection to become famous, known, respected and appreciated.

Having said that, being a leader, you should never forget to Appreciate people for their great achievement, behaviour, truthfulness and being creative.

Appreciating the team for better performance and achievement of the planned business goals are part of the people’s management and business strategy of a leaders, so it must be practiced by each and every business leader.

To create a world-class organization, you must need a world-class team of committed people. Some of them will be creative who wants to create live product with soul in it whereas majority will be perfectionist who will be strictly working within the guidelines and framework of the SOP designed by the organization.

These perfectionists are very important part of the organization who help organizations to grow to the next level of growth the profitability and as a Leader you need to create many opportunities to appreciate, recognise and reward those people to keep your team performing high.

But creative peoples who are not perfectionist and never work for getting appreciated. This genius should be encouraged and respected because they will be creating some world-class product for the people in this world which will add value and help resolving many challenges of mankind globally. And these products will help your organization to become a global organization and you as a true global Leader.

I share my wisdom based on my research in understanding human design primarily how people take decision and implement those decision in they Life, Career, Business and Relationhsip.

I am Dhirendra Gautam; a life doctor and leadership coach empowering people through my Life, relationship and Leadership Coaching in association with India Coaching Federation (ICF).

At India Coaching Federation (ICF) we create such business Leaders who can empower and transform people and companied to make them global organization through our research based patented “Advance Leadership Development Program”, it is 1st of its kind in the world with assured success or 100% money back guarantee.

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