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How toxic productivity - Impacting corporate Life

We are in a generation where working smart is more valuable than working hard. Most work is done by technology and AI, but still some companies overhype overwork as a way to promote the employees and to fuel their ambitious nature. Overtime at work is becoming a trend these days. Being ambitious and working hard is a good thing but overworking till the level of constant burnout and exhaustion is not. This especially is an issue in some industries like the IT industry where you need to work till late at night. It directly affects our body and mind, which would eventually lead to long term health issues. We need to stop glamorizing toxic productivity and overwork culture.

Do you have guilt over doing nothing or do you hate having free time? Do you purposely take too many projects, way many than you know you should? Do you purposely ignore your health in the name of being ambitious? Do you feel anxious while you are resting? Do you constantly work or think about work? If you can relate to all these, you might be the victim of toxic productivity. It can lead to worsening of your relationships with others & yourself.

Research shows that in regards to overworking, respondents have reported 49% increase in stress, 42% increase in emotional fatigue, 40% increase in physical fatigue, 39% lack in sleep, 38% less free time, 37% worsened mood, 37% increase in anxiety, 36% insufficient time to give to others, 35% increase in caffeine intake, 34% impacted personal responsibilities. Here, at India Coaching Federation, we aim to transform this toxic productivity work culture into work-life balance but with greater and deeper work productivity. We have a success rate of 98% for complete transformation leading you to be happier and more successful.

Nowadays, more and more organizations are understanding the importance of work life balance for the individuals as they can see its massive benefits. They just care more about the target being fulfilled and not how many hours are given to complete it. What are the causes of toxic productivity? Here are some of them.

1. Self-imposed expectations: Sometimes it's not about the company or your boss who gives the work pressure but your own expectations towards yourself. We have been programmed by our parents, elders and teachers that to be successful and happy in life, we need professional success and for that we need to work extremely hard. You should work hard but not at the cost of your mental or physical health. Research at India Coaching Federation shows that after getting coached by our professional coaches, employees were able to divide personal and professional life clearly and thus being able to enjoy family time, vacations, travel and me time while having a very good professional success.

2. Remote work: While people think Work from home culture is less exhausting, the reality is just the opposite. Here you need to work almost all day and even at night because you are at home. It just makes it extremely difficult to relax. Even if you work from home, have some rules on when the work starts and ends. Have some clear boundaries and learn to say no to your employer when it's out of work hours otherwise you would burn out.

3. Competition: If you are in an office and your co-workers take overwork as rewarding, you would also end up doing it as peer pressure. If the office culture is competitive and values overwork as a way of promotion, then you might have no choice but to overwork to get that promotion.

4. Company culture: If the office culture is competitive and values overwork as a way of promotion, then you might have no choice but to overwork to get that promotion. If the company’s core values seem to promote work output and neglect work life balance, you might feel compelled to overwork

5. Escaping your life: Most people who want to escape from their emotions use overworking as a way to do so. When your life isn’t going great, sometimes you are hard on yourself and work yourself till exhaustion. It is not a great way to deal with emotions as it may lead to severe mental and physical health issues.

Toxic productivity is also a state of mind that manifests as the need to constantly “do.” You may feel that you can't rest or take any downtime and keep yourself busy in any activity which can help you achieve your desires in life, career and business. And you become like a machine.

Hope you now know the causes of toxic productivity in the workplace. In the next article, we will give you some tips to fend off toxic productivity. So subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates from India Coaching Federation. Click here.

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