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07 steps to create a winning team in your organization

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Research has proven that; it is the Joy of collaborative team work which delivers the best productivity and makes employees happier than anything else in the organization they work.

A team is a group of people where people complement each other to experience this Joy of Collaborative Work and deliver outstanding result for themselves and the organization.

Hence, the role of a leader is to create a team driven work-culture of belongingness and collaboration where each and every employee as a team experience respect, encouragement and participation and then they can take the business to the next level of growth, success and makes the company a great company.

But the bigger question is, how to build and create a strong winning team? And the answer is not simple. It takes time and dedicated efforts to create such team and organizations.

Based on the research with leaders in diverse business and functions who are responsible for their team management in their organizations, the research team of India Coaching Federation (ICF) have identified around 07 very unique and effective way which any leader can understand and implement to create a strong and winning team in their organization.

And if you are ready to learn how to build a strong winning your team? Here are the following 07 ways to create a strong team:

1. Creating collaborative work culture in your organization:

The joy of collaborating team work comes from a collaborating work-culture where everyone in the team feels respected, encouraged and participating. New entries in the team needs to know and understand what's expected of them and what they can experience in their life. So, you should establish the company culture you want to uphold from the beginning. This will make your team prepared how to behave and approach their work and create a meaningful life and career for them.

As a leader you should not forget that it is your responsibility to play the role and lead these team values with your own example.

2. Ensure that everyone feels heard and respected in the team

In a team belongingness and trust comes from the mutual respect and recognition of individuals by each other in the team. We should never forget that; each and every employee is a human being 1st and then an employee and individual lives, feeling and emotions are integral part of them.

As a leader and team member show respect to each-other by acknowledging and accepting their oneness as a whole person. This will not only boost their confidence and well-being but also increase their productivity, which will transform the business.

3. Organize self to organize all.

Being self-organized helps great leaders to create an organized team and organization by paying close attention to team management and regularly check in on how people are performing their responsibilities.

Clearly defining organization process and team management system in the organization from the day one will bring far enriching result in driving and creating a successful team.

4. Define everyone's roles and responsibilities.

To be effective as an individual and in the team, it is very important that each and every person in the team have their key responsibility and accountability (KRA) defined and clearly implemented in the team. In a team the independent work and performance aggregates the overall performance of the team.

There should not be any confusion among the team members about their role, responsibility and what is expected from them to accomplish. They should also have the clarity about whom to approach, if they need more clarification and have some team conflict.

5. Encourage your team members to go extra mile

Create a work culture where each and every member in your organization is empowered to go extra mile, think out of box and feel free to experiment to excel without any fear of getting punishment. This will help bring innovative ideas and everyone in the team will become more creative and produce best product and services for the organization.

6. Be open to communicate and in giving & receiving feedback

When everyone in the team communicates openly with each other and even with the leaders without any fear of getting judged and prejudice, the team and the organization starts reflecting oneness which produces extraordinary result for the organization.

On the contrary a silent team fall apart and struggle in finding a solution. The more people share, the more comfortable and collaborative they will become.

When both leaders and team members can use feedback to their advantage, they’ll be better equipped to tackle future challenges. That’s one of the best ways to learn how to build an effective team for the long term.

7. Value team’s diversity and Celebrate people's wins.

Working in a team with people from diverse culture, perspectives and experiences bring better effectiveness and productivity in the team which further delivers best result for the business.

Whenever your organization delivers better result, the people and team deserve celebration. As a leader we need to acknowledge the performance of the team and even the individuals who has delivered extra-ordinary performance to motivate them and encourage them for sustained better performance year on year.

Only a sustained better performance creates legends, who transforms your organization to become a world-class organization. And your company become the preferred choice of the people to work and grow in your organization.

This will also help attracting best talent to be part of your organization who can become future business leaders to lead, manage and create many world-class organizations.

Empower & transform yourself with India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Without empowering a person, it is impossible to transform and resolve their challenges in their Life, career and business they are managing.

And if you’re looking to invest in yourself and in your employees to maximise their potential, you need to think beyond Training to Coaching & Learning.

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your people. And when your people grow, develop, and transform, so does your organization. Tap into the full potential of your workforce with India Coaching Federation (ICF). We can help bring your organizational performance to the next level by specialised coaching session.

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