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Coaching Industry to become a $25 billion opportunity

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

According to research the Coaching Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The estimated market size of the Coaching Industry is $20 billion in 2022 with a total of $10.5 billion worth market value in the US alone. The India Coaching Federation (ICF) research team expect the market value to reach $25 billion by 2025 with around 7% average annual growth rate from 2022 to 2025.

As per our research there are around 6.5 Lakhs active coaches worldwide in 2022. And out of these around 40% are there in the United States of America only which is around 2.5 lakhs coaches. In spite of having the largest number of coaches the U.S. market is still growing because of the rising demand of coaching services.

The Coaching Industry around the world

primarily consists of following categories:

On an average a coach in USA earns somewhere between $50K to $100K in a year. Whereas the top 7% coaches earns even more than $100K.

The Future of Coaching in India:

As per our research coaching is going to become around $7 billion industry in India by 2030. As of date India needs around 10,0

00 capable coach to serve the rising demand of coaching from the people in general and from our fortune 500 corporates.

CEO’s and HR heads in India are more focused in overall development of their business leaders and employees to be top performer and grow their business. They understand that the employees are 1st a human being and then an employee, hence all the life and relationship related challenges will be there in all employees working in the organization.

We have noticed this change over the past 5 years within the corporates and start-ups where they are not only looking for coaching their top leadership but are now open to extending coaching right down to their mid-level and 1st level of managers.

Challenges of Coaching around the world and India:

Coaching is Not training, counselling and even consulting; it is all about people transformation. Where, 1st you transform the acquired personality of the Individual to transform their decision making and then empowering them with the tool of wisdom and awareness to identify, analyse and resolve their life, career, business and relationship challenges.

The 1st big challenge about coaching is that most of the coaches do not know what is coaching and the process of transforming & dismantling the acquired personality and decision making of the individual human beings. They are still working as a trainer with name of coach.

The 2rd biggest challenge is that most of the coaches are self-declared coaches and anyone can call themselves a Coach. Coaching profession is not regulated. So, most of the coaches are untrained and incompetent. They are not only damaging the reputation of the industry but also not able to provide the expected results to the people they coach. There are more than 300 training and certification programs worldwide for becoming a Coach, and majority of them will certify you if you simply pay them a fee.

Aren't you excited about the future of Coaching?

The opportunity is endless with unlimited possibility to create a future career as a coach

to have a quality life and career for self and make a difference in the life of other by your coaching practice and resolve challenges in their life.

India Coaching Federation (ICF) is the national body for coaches & coaching in India to promote, regulate, structure, certify, empower and transform coaches & coaching in India for the entire world. It had created a benchmark for the world in empowering people to resolve their Life, Career, Business, Health & Relationship challenges.

WE are looking forward by collaborating with coaches who wants to become a certified Chartered coach from India Coaching Federation (ICF). Remember one thing “Everyone needs a Coach. We all need people to empower and transform us. That’s how we can improve and grow”

If you are a COACH, or looking for a COACH for yourself or your organization please Like and mention your details like to connect with you.

Hello friend, my name is Dhirendra Gautam, I am a life & Leadership Coach, I help Business leaders & CXO’s to transform their personality to discover their “Oneself” their real personality & Leadership to further transform their decision making, through a scientifically designed patented framework to transform their career and take it to the next level of growth and success.

In this weekly newsletter, I am sharing my discoveries and experiences which I am experiencing by coaching and helping people to become a transformed Business leader, CXO and a transformed human being through India Coaching Federation (ICF).

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