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Two most effective ways to keep your new year’s resolutions.

Two most effective ways to keep your new year’s resolutions.

Who does not want to grow and fulfill all their desires and Wishlist in their life. And we also want that our desires to be fulfilled as earlier as possible without any delay and for this any date and time is considered as good and better. It is all about your readiness; the day you are ready to give your 100% you are ready to take your 1st step towards fulfilling your desires.

Traditionally new year eve had been inspiring almost all of us to take this 1st step to create new goals and fulfill our desires in life, career, business and relationship in the form of new year resolutions.

As per research published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology says that only about 46% of people who make New Year’s resolutions are successful in achieving their goals, meaning more than half of the people who set a goal for the new year will fail.

Here two big question comes in mind:

· 1st why majority of the new years resolutions made by the people fails? and

· 2nd is there any way by which we can improve and achieve our new year goals?

The answer is yes and there are many experts who has shared their experiences, justification, methodology and many of them even are running a formal goal setting and new year’s resolution coaching and trainings sessions for the people where they explain how by following their techniques your can do better in achieving your new year’s goals and resolutions.

Almost all the experts says that your new year resolution and goal should be SMART. Which is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound.

Many experts say that by writing down your new year’s resolutions can improve one’s success rate by more than 40% percent in achieving them in long-term.

Writing goals do have many benefits. It will not allow to forget your goal while you being super busy in your day-to-day life. It establishes intension and gives you clarity what you want to achieve by this goal. And helps you track the performance how much you have achieved at a given point of time.

As per my research “transform your personality to discover your leadership” and become a CEO/CXO. We have observed and acknowledges that the people who seriously set their goals even as a new year resolution they do all these mentioned above. They set SMART goals, they write them, review them and some of them they hang it as a poster in front of them in their office where they seat. But still most of them could not achieve even 50% of the goals they set in the beginning of the year.

If setting SMART goal and writing them on a nice piece of paper and hanging them in front of you could have helped people achieve their desires and fulfill their goals then every body on this earth would have been the rich person on this earth without any challenges in life, career, business and relationship.

But the reality is not very encouraging. As per research almost 90% of the people are struggling in their job, career and business and almost 100% of the people on this earth have some kind of life and relationship problem.

But nothing to worry much there are solutions which can help you achieve your desires and new year goals & resolutions.

As per my understanding of human design, people have two types of desires and goals.

· 1st the “have to goals” and desires and

· 2nd “want to goals” and desires

Your all have to goals are created from your resentment and grievances by not having those things in your life and you are desperate to have those things and hence you experience difficulties in achieving these goals.

Whereas our want to goals comes for having peace and satisfaction in life to have a meaningful life.

I have to buy a Mercedes car in 2023, is a have to goal where as I want to buy a good luxurious car in 2023 is a want to goal. Here you have to earn minimum 50lakhs (for example) to buy a Mercedes car and even you earn one lakh less, 49lakhs you can’t buy it and this have to goal will not be achieved. But when you just want a good luxurious car, you can buy even in the range of 30lakhs and get you want to goal achieved.

In order to understand the difference between your “have to goals” and “want to goals” you need to be a transformed person. And we at India Coaching Federation (ICF) have many such example to become transformed business leader, coach and human being.

Hi friends in next two days we will be welcoming and celebrating the New Year 2023 and we all tend to do some commitment to our self by taking “New year’s Resolution” but most of the time it becomes just a wish list.

According to me here is two very effective and practical ways you can achieve the desired result from your new year’s Resolution.

First “Make your resolution Public” say and talk about your new year’s resolutions to your near, friends, families and relatives. You have the opportunity to Post it on your social media network like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Reputation is a powerful motivator. And making your resolutions public can help you to keep them since the fear that people will think worse of you if you don't see your goals being achieved and as a result you will put best of your efforts to work on your new year resolution and get is done.

The, second “Involve someone else in your resolution” associate with at least one great cause or person who should be involved in your resolution to build more commitment.

It is said that we are more likely to keep resolutions if we can see them as being somehow important to other people - that "other people's wellbeing is at stake" if we fail.

This might mean involving a coach, mentor, guide or a friend who is part of your commitment about your new resolution.

It can be as simple as finding a friend or partner for learning a new language or learning some skills and competencies.

I have resolved this year to help and create “Ten thousand Coaches” in India in my life time by active coaching, training and certifying them to become certified “Chartered Coaches” (ACC, PCC & MCC) from

And, if you want to be a Coach, Business Leader, CXO and a transformed human being then I can be a guide / coach to you. You can reach to me through

Wishing you all a very-very happy and prosperous new year 2023. God bless you all….

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