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Have you really Celebrated Diwali in your Life?

Dear friends Diwali is over and I am sure we all are still enjoying vacation for couple of more days; and why not? ultimately celebration should be part of our life not only on special occasions but on every day and day after day.

It’s time to celebrate your own Diwali!!!!

Traditionally we all celebrate Diwali because on this auspicious day Lord Shree Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The question which always comes in my mind is that when we are going to end the exile of our own happiness and celebrate true Diwali for ourselves?

And hence, I thought of sharing some great piece of wisdom where you have the opportunity to celebrate Diwali every day and day after day in life and your life can be full of light of wisdom and bliss.

Do spend some time today to light few lamps inside you and sit in silence with your eyes closed... I am sure it will Transform you to a better YOU.

Light the first lamp inside you and let it burn your all anger, fear and guilt that you may have from many years for someone till date; see it melting down slowly and slowly away... and allow yourself to experience freedom inside you.

On Diwali we always distribute some special gifts to make others happy... what was the last time when you have given a simple gift to yourself?

Light the second lamp and let it burn away all unwanted greed, lust and desires... to feel happy and contented with what you have been blessed with and enjoy your own life as a special gift for you.

On every Diwali you must have given sweets to all the near and dears but when you are going to buy that Sweet for yourself which can makes your Diwali?

Light the third lamp and let it fade away all insecurities that you may have in your mind related to anything in your life; just believe in yourself that God has given you a life and he will ensure that you have enough to survive. Your every moment of life will transform into sweet memories.

On this Diwali you must have given west wishes to many for their good health but when you are going to live a healthy life for yourself?

Light the 4th lamp and feel the energy of that lamp in each and every part of your body; let it burn away all your diseased cells in making. Feel healthy as this energy travels to each part of your body and illuminates each organ.

On this occasion of Diwali, you must have wished a long and prosperous life to all your near, dear and friends. It’s time for all of us to plan for our own Diwali.

Light the 5th lamp inside your oneself and experience it in the centre of your body and let it fill the warmth and love inside your whole body...feel oneness with the Divine... let the love and warmth filled inside you ooze out of you through your soul and people around you start experience the love resonating from you and “you become love”

Light these 5 lamps each and every day 1st in the morning and after sometime it will become part of your life.

Leave your work & Job pressure, business complexities, career growth, complicated and unhappy relations, unfavourable events and all other unpleasant things you feel you have in your life and take a VOW to celebrate a Diwali for yourself.

It’s only you who can make yourself happy no one else can... if your happiness is dependent on others.... you can never be happy!!!

So, why you are waiting for, getup it’s time to celebrate your own Diwali...

But some time it takes a special person to know how to be the inspiration to others by helping discover your oneself and here you need a coach who can take you through with the process of self-awareness and discovery to know yourself better.

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