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Come out of Denial-land

Have you ever found yourself giving justification for some of your actions or habits but never doing anything to rectify those? When it comes to accepting our flaws, we tend to stay in denial most of the time. We don't want to agree to others and more importantly to ourselves that what we are doing is wrong, a negative trait. This is one of the reasons we always give reasons to justify our mistakes, our bad habits. The journey to transformation begins with acceptance. Once we accept our flaws, we can start working on fixing them.

At GHU, we guide people on the path to self-discovery. They are able to look within themselves and identify the traits that have been holding them back from achieving success. We also assist them in finding the solution to fix those flaws. No one has ever benefited from staying in denial. No human being is perfect. It is not wrong to accept your flaws, but it is wrong if you don't do anything about turning those flaws around and making them your strengths. One small step might lead you to greater heights in life.

by Swarnika Porwal

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