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Love yourself

Loving our self brings miracles in our life. When we love our self, we build and develop great level of self-conciseness about all we have and everything we do which ultimately creates abundance in our life that further imparts miraculous transformation to our life.

Love cures!!! You stop seeking approvals and start making more courageous and conscious decision in your life and business and it strengthens our relationship.

Welcome to” Empower your life” by Dr. D and India Coaching Federation (ICF)

In this materialistic life were almost everything is measured in terms of money; love for self is disappearing. Everybody is busy for their living and hardly anyone is living in reality. Majority of the entrepreneurs, business owners and executives with whom I meet and interact with do not have time for themselves they are totally lost. They do not have time for anything; they are so much occupied in their daily routine that they forget loving themselves and ultimately trapped into the so-called vicious cycle of business and job. They become unbearable to themselves and every other person they interact with including their family and loved ones. And this is greatly impacting their health and life. There is increasing number of hypertensions, depression, loneliness, fear and feeling of not being loved.

Our subconscious mind does not have sense of humour. I does not understand that having a great respect for ourselves can create miracles to our bodies and mind.

Loving self is the biggest appreciation of respect you can give to yourself in all form of living irrespective of whatever you do and wherever you are.

You can feel love for the joy of being alive, the beauty you see around, the people you interact with, the work you do, the skill and knowledge you have, the love for being vegetarian, the love for sports, travelling and many more thing, the list is unlimited.

You just need to start loving yourself; it might be difficult in initial days, you might get surprisingly noticed by your loved ones and others for being more lovely, smart and happy but slowly it will become your habit.

Your will notice a complete transformation in your life and anything you do. You become a natural creator. Your consciousness will improve and it will start operating from love and abundance that will automatically start creating success and happiness in your life.

You become limitless and fearless.

Empower your life is also about loving our self to create a beautiful business organization with awesome people who create beautiful products and services for the mankind.

Do write to me how lovely you are? and what we can do to create a better world. Share your stories to me and would love to have a lovely interaction with you.

I am Dr. Dhirendra Gautam, a life & business doctor and leadership Coach; I Empower people to transform their Life, career, business & relationship challenges and introduce then to the world of love and abundance. Do visit our website to find my wisdom I share with mankind.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, do share your thought and queries relating to this. You can also share your challenges relating to your life and business with us and we would love to help you resolve your challenges.

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