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I've achieved success. Why don't I feel fulfilled or satisfied?"

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

People don't feel fulfilled or satisfied, even after achieving all the success because they are not prepared or know how to “Manage Success”

Many successful people, after becoming successful and achieving their goals have this experience. They do not feel satisfied and fulfilled and then some more related questions comes in their mind:

· What is next? After this

· What I should do now? I achieved almost everything which I wanted to have in my life?

· Was it worth putting that much of time and efforts?

· Does satisfaction and fulfilment are reality or myth? Or just some useful words.

· Am I working for others? Earning money to pay others salary?

And many more similar questions without any useful and concrete answer.

Unfortunately our all education, learning and training systems in this world only talks about how to prepare yourself to become successful by developing skills and competencies, avoiding and managing the Failure and risks in life, career, business and relationship.

The whole preparation of the human being in this world from birth to death is to “How to become Successful” and no one talks and teaches you about how to mange SUCCESS when you become successful.

Managing the success and transforming the success to have satisfaction and fulfilment in Life, Career, Business and relationhsip is the art which requires the understanding of your relationship with your failures in your life dealing with challenges in Life, career, business and relationship.

Very few people on this earth know the art of managing the Success

and hence when we become successful, the goal is achieved and we lose the motivation because we do not know what to do next once we are successful.

Preparing for success requires an extraordinary relationship with Failure because there are no real failures in life it is only the expectations which is not fulfilled.

If you want to discover your success model in life, career, business and relationhsip we have many success stories at India Coaching Federation (ICF) where we empower and transform people to help resolve their challenges in Life, Career, business and relationhsip with assured success.

I am Dhirendra Gautam, a global CFO turned Leadership coach and Life doctor. I am empowering people with my coaching and training programs and helping them to discover their “ONESELF” and their passion in life. We help people to create their future life and career based on their discovered passion to have fulfilment and satisfaction in Life and resolve their challenges in Life.

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