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Failure and Unsuccess: Same or different?

There is a fine line between failure and unsuccess. At GHU, we work hard to transform people so they are able to identify the difference between failure and unsuccess. People often mistake a small setback for failure. To understand the difference between the two, let us take an example; a student aiming for 85% in his exams considers himself a failure when he scores only 80%. However, this isn't failure, infact it is unsuccess. Achieving less than what was desired but still getting an admirable outcome is what we can call unsuccess. Failure is the complete lack of success,i.e., getting inadequate results.

If we evaluate an outcome as just success or failure, we are missing out on progress. Not everything is black and white. It is important to look at the greys too. In this scenario, unsuccess is the grey we are talking about. At GHU, we transform the outlook of people so they are able to have a realistic perspective of outcomes and be able to categorize them as failure or unsucess. GHU aims to empower humans so they are able to transform their stance of life and guide themselves towards the path of success.

by Swarnika Porwal

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