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Dismantle your Strengths to become successful.

Why you need to dismantle & transform your Strengths to be successful & happy

Operating from acquired personality we all take decision and implement those decisions in our life, job, career, business and relationship with our strengths and weakness which is considered as the highest level of our personality through which all the people in this world take & implement decisions.

Everybody wants to be happy, successful and best in their life, job, career, business and relationship but research says only around 10% peoples on this earth are financially free. It clearly means that 90% of the people are financially not free and struggling in their job, career and business. Because your job or business is the only two sources of money on this earth.

As per research by India Coaching Federation (ICF) almost every individual on this earth has some kinds of life and relationship problems. And their life and relationhsip problem is directly related to their financial and money problem.

If you are part of 90% people who is struggling in their job, career, business and financially not free; your life and relationhsip problems are either suppressed by you or the decision maker of your family will supress your life and relationhsip problems.

And if you are part of the 10% people who are financially free, neither you nor any other member of your family is financially dependent on any other person then your life and relationhsip challenges will be two to three times more than the normal people.

From the above research it is very clear that almost 100% of the people have life and relationhsip problems and almost 90% of the people have their problems in job, career and business.

So, who is left? None. Almost every one on this earth have some kind of life, job, career, business & relationhsip problems.

It clearly means that the strengths through which you are taking decisions in your life, job, career, business & relationhsip in not giving you the expected result in any of these areas. And hence you need to dismantle and transform all your strength to create wisdom to further transform your decision making where you can operate and take decisions from your wisdom to resolve all challenges in your life, job, career, business & relationhsip. And create a purposeful life with fulfilment and satisfaction.

And if you are looking for the authentic answer, we have many successful examples where we have transformed the life & career of the people to help them become c-level executives and a certified chartered coach from India Coaching Federation (ICF).

Let’s understand this with one example, how your own strength is creating problem and challenges in your own life, job, career, business & relationhsip:

In our leadership coaching program; while coaching the people today we were discussing about one of the very common strength of people and business leader called “Patience”.

Patience is defined as the quality of being able to stay calm and not get angry, especially when there is a difficulty or you have to wait a long time.

So, lets understand this Patience as strength in your life, workplace and relationhsip one by one:

When was the 1st time in your life you realised having patience, I know It will be difficult when we are growing as teen and youth we are full of energy and almost no patience.

The 1st time you experienced having patience is when you have to wait for log time for something or you have tolerated nonsense of someone and you have controlled your anger. This makes it very clear that we learn to be patience by controlling our anger and when are able to do this more frequently and for longer time it becomes the part of our personality and we become the man or women with great patience and it become our very important strength.

Let’s understand this with another example you had an argument with your spouse and even after realising the others mistake you hold your anger and not reacted. You developed patience. Now every time you are going to have heated argument with your spouse, boss or some other impacting relations you will try to be patience because you don’t want to create problem in relationship and get things more escalated and as you are more caring and understanding person so, you will start increasing the holding capacity of your anger and this will make you more patience full and you will start using it as your strength.

Patience is one of the strengths which is created by you from your own weakness by holding your anger, pressure and nonsense of others and more you punish yourself the more patience you accumulate and it becomes your one of the best strengths.

But have you ever realised that by holding this anger, pressure, guilt and nonsense for longer period how much anger, resentment and grievances you are going to have for your oneself. It is going to impact your health and causing depression, anxiety, hypertension and cardiac problems. And one day it is going to burst heavily and that day you become totally impatience.

Different people have many different reasons of being patience and impatience; one is considered as strength and another as weakness. Both originated from same anger but we consider these as different. This is the problem for people operating from their acquired personality. And unless we transform our acquired personality by dismantling our strength and weakness, it will be very difficult to resolve our challenges in our life, career, business and relationship. And we will never be able to experience fulfilment and satisfaction in our life.

At India coaching Federation (ICF) we have created a research based scientifically designed frame-work where we dismantle and transform your all strength and weakness to transform your personality and decision making where you become a better version of your oneself and help resolve all your problems and challenges in your life, job, career, business & relationhsip.

All our coaching and coach certification program is designed and structure on the basis of this research and we are able to create many remarkable impacts in the life, career and relationhsip of the people we coached.

For more details you can visit our website

Hope you have experienced the cause of your own patience in your life and how you have created it by holding your anger and pressure. But patience is not strength, it need to be dismantled and resolve otherwise it will cause serious medical problem in your life.

Do write to us if you are looking for answer or solution of any problem you are experiencing.

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