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Coaching is all about People's Transformation

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Every human being from morning to evening keep doing only two things in their entire life; irrespective the person is a student, a CEO of a MNC or a Prime minister or President of a country.

As per research the personality through which we take decision in life is our acquired personality; which has been acquired by all of us from our parents, relatives, culture, society, religion, law of land and latter through our education system science, arts and commerce and then from our years of education and experience being with the people in our day-to-day life.

So, unless we transform our personality; it will be very difficult to take transformed decision and created a satisfactory and fulfilling life, career, business and relationhsip.

The big question is “How to empower and Transform your Personality”?

And the answer is this newsletter “Talk to Coach” in which we will be talking and discussing all about this and how you can create a better future to have a Blissful life.

Hello friend, my name is Dhirendra Gautam, I am a life doctor and people transformation coach and I help people to transform their personality to discover their “Oneself” their real personality to further transform their decision making, through a scientifically designed patented framework which I have researched, discovered and created based on my seven years of research on People transformation. Primarily understanding the Human design, how people operate and take decision in their life and impact the results in their Life, career, business and relationhsip.

In this weekly newsletter, I will be sharing my discoveries and experiences I am experiencing by coaching and helping people to become a “Certified Charted Coach”, a Business leader and CXO and a transformed human being through India Coaching Federation (ICF).

The 1st and the most important thing which I would like to share with all of your today is that, Coaching is all about people transformation, it has nothing in common with training.

“Coaching is not training” and you cannot resolve your challenges in life, career and business by acquiring skills, certificates and management degrees” certificates will just make you eligible to apply for certain job positions but will never help you create a fulfilling career and Life.

Training is purely focused on either skill development or competencies building whereas Coaching is all about empowering people to transform the personality of the individual to further transform their decision making; how they take decision in their life and implement those decision in their Life, Career, business and relationship.

Training is always unidimensional; the individual learns only those things in which they are trained. On the other hand, Coaching is always multidimensional, the focus of the Coach is always on empowering and transforming the personality of the individual coachee. And once the Coachee is empowered, they have the opportunity to transform their decision making. And as a result, whatever decision they will take in their Life, Career, business and relationship they will have better result.

If we keep taking same decision in our life, we will be getting the similar result in our life which we have been getting for years in past.

But when our personality and decision making is transformed through a proper coaching process; we start getting extra-ordinary result in our life, job, career, business and relationhsip. And the most remarkable things which happens in our life is that we start experiencing Peace, Satisfaction and Fulfilment in everything we do.

If you are willing to become a Transformed human being and business Leader or a ICF Certified Chartered coach do write to us and visit our website and

If you are looking to empower yourself or the people in your organization; we have many success stories.

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