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CAREER: Present, Preference and Passion

Present, Preference and Passion; these are the three Ps in which career can be categorised. The job you're currently employed at is Present. The job you wish to work at is Preference and the career you have always wanted to do but never pursued is Passion. For most people, Present and Preference are different. There can be several reasons for this like unable to relocate for the desired job, less salary in the desired job or other reasons. However, rather than giving up on your preferred job, one should always strive hard to land it.

Acquire the skills, build your personality and become competent enough to be able to prove your worth so you can get your desired job. Passion, nonetheless, is something that excites your interest; but you never pursued it due to reasons which can vary from financial to familial. Take the instance of a person who wanted to become a photographer but had to work a corporate job to support his family or someone who wanted to earn a PhD but couldn't because he found the fees unaffordable. Although for some people, Passion and Preference can be the same as well. GHU helps people differentiate between the three Ps of career and aids them to devise a plan to land their dream job, i.e., Preference or to pursue their Passion whilst being strong enough to eliminate the obstacles that might arise on the way. With GHU, you can empower yourself to gain career growth and blissfulness in life.

by Swarnika Porwal

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