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Business Consulting vs. Business Coaching

While discussing a business transformation proposal; the CEO of one of my esteemed client and a very good friend of me was sharing his 25+ years of experience managing this business from startup to a thousand plus crore company and then he has asked me this very beautiful question.

What is difference between a business coach and a business consultant?

I love this question not because, I am a business and leadership coach but many of the business leader, owners and executives have this question in mind and not having a clear answer.

“A business coach empowers people and transform them to co-create better processes and systems in the organization. Whereas a business consultant creates better processes and systems and then expects people in the organizations to work on that”.

Both the coach and consultant have the expertise and capabilities to add value and resolve challenges relating to People, Process, Technologies and Business systems in any organization. Only the approach and purpose is different.

A business coach believes in empowering and transforming people and make them capable to resolve their challenges in their life, career, business and relationship. Whereas a business consultant works on a very specific scope and deliverables.

The consulting assignments and projects are scoped well and everything not covered in the scope even relevant to the work is identified and mentioned in the project scope that these things are not covered. These not covered points have the opportunity to become the part of another project and consulting assignment.

India Coaching Federation (ICF) is the largest business coaching organization in India with 100+ certified coaches in 20+ states / cities of india and five international locations.

We coach, train, empower and transform people to become a ICF certified coach on a “Research based patented and scientifically designed framework to 1st discover their coach within and the help to resolve people’s challenges in their Life, career, business and relationship with assured success.”

If you are willing to become a ICF Certified Chartered coach do write on website

If you are looking to transform yourself or the people in your organization; we have many success stories.

Empower & transform yourself & team with India Coaching Federation (ICF)

Without empowering a person, it is impossible to transform and resolve their challenges in their Life, career and business they are managing.

And if you’re looking to invest in yourself and in your employees to maximise their potential, you need to think beyond Training to Coaching & Learning.

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your people. And when your people grow, develop, and transform, so does your organization. Tap into the full potential of your workforce with India Coaching Federation (ICF). We can help bring your organizational performance to the next level by specialised coaching session.

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