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Unveil the secret of Personality

What is personality? In simple terms, it is the qualities and characteristics that define an individual. Our personality is a result of the environment we live in. Our living situation can have positive or negative effects on our personality. The groundwork of every child's personality is already laid out. This groundwork further develops as the child grows up. The likes and dislikes of an individual form his personality.

At GHU, we help people reflect onto their personality. They learn that their personality is a combination of their strengths and weaknesses. All through our lives, we are constantly learning, acquiring certain skills which contribute to the construction of our personality. These skills mould us into who we are. The utilisation of one's skills in the right manner towards a goal can ensure the accomplishment of success. GHU aims to help people clearly identify their skills and competencies in order to direct them towards achieving success and satisfaction in life.

by Swarnika Porwal

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