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Success Getting Discovered Every day ..…

Success Getting Redefined Every day and month……

Success does not exist; it takes birth when you are on the path of bringing transformation in life of peoples, it delivers success in form of peace and fulfilment.

The journey of Great Human University (GHU) started in January 2020 when I completed the pilot session of my people’s transformation framework with few business owners and corporate executive and had a wonderful result.

For those who does not know about me and what we do at Great Human University ( here is small introduction of what I do and exist.

1. GHU is 1st of its kind university providing Research based Life, Career & Business transformation programs for people, professionals and business owners to empower their life and resolve all challenges relating to life, career, relationship and business.

2. We give 100% guarantee of resolving your challenges with assured result in the specified area of life, career, relationship and business.

3. Till 3rd session we have 100% money back and refund policy.

4. Our life empowering program is free of cost for unprivileged people in need.

5. We run following three categories of Programs (online & Offline)

a) Empower your Career (EYC) – for Business & Corporate executives

b) Empower your Business (EYB) – for Business owners & Entrepreneurs

c) Empower your Life (EYL) – for each and everybody on this earth.

6. All above transformation program is based on the research-based framework scientifically developed by our founder Dr. Dhirendra Gautam.


After serving in corporate for around 16+ years as Global CFO and Director Finance with global MNC’s; like SuperMaxworld, Alkhodari Group, Pepsi, Unilever & Motorola; our founder Dr. Dhirendra Gautam started his entrepreneurship journey in 2014 as a corporate advisor primarily transforming the business and optimizing the profitability of the organizations to take their business to the next level of growth and profitability.

The entrepreneurship journey was equally impactful like his corporate career where he was able to add great value to many companies. At the same time, he realises that in spite of giving extra time and efforts around 60% to 70% of client’s business were not doing good and some of them failed also.

Soon he realises that:

“Without transforming the business owners, we cannot transform the business”

But to transform a business owner, he needs to have expertise in both “Money & Relationship” and for this he further needs to have the expertise in understanding “Human Design” along with his expertise in Money, finance and business.

After 4 years of further research and learning from various global experts, he was able to create this transformation framework of people transformation with many success stories in last 4 month which we will be sharing to all of you.

Dr. Dhirendra Gautam is Life & Business doctor, empowering people and resolving their life, career, relationship and business challenges with assured result.

His Purpose of life is to “Introduce people to the universe of abundance of financial freedom and self-expression”.

His journey of self-expression, peace and satisfaction which started with GHU, is expanding in a bigger tribe.

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