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How to transform Difficult Conversations at WORK & Life?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

All of us have experienced this in our life where sometime our client hand up the phone. Sometime your boss goes beyond limit in a heated discussion related to work or some project and sometime even your direct reports started crying during a performance evaluation discussion and there are many more such difficult example is there where you are not prepared how to handle this difficult conversation and you start avoiding and sometime it cost your relationship with the person in conversation too.

But avoiding the difficult conversation is not the solution! It dents your capability of being a leader.

So, the question is what to do and how to handle these difficult conversations at work and life.

The answer is very simple and straight; Transform your own being to discover your Leadership. I am sure you have understood everything.

It looks simple, but it is the most difficult to transform yourself. It will take months of time and a good leadership coaching to take you through your own transformation journey.

So, let me give you some simple Solutions?

Transform your Mind:

When you go for a difficult conversation; ensure to go with a positive and clear mind thinking noting is difficult. Like do not give negative feedback rather be constructive in evaluating your subordinates. Do not say your boss no; rather suggest some alternate solution which is less time consuming and cost effective.

Prepare but don’t plan:

Preparation is all about yourself; how you have prepared yourself to be open, flexible, positive and constructive in difficult conversations. But planning is all about scripting your action plan for the difficult conversation before getting in to conversation based on your prior experience. This will never give you the flexibility and freedom.

Give yourself the opportunity to Listen.

Listening to understand and transform give the opportunity to you and other person to create a space where everyone feels comfortable to share. It diffuses the negative sentiments and allows people to be positive & true. A meaningful listening & Sharing transforms all difficult conversation. Reade more about The Art of Listening.

Acknowledge and Accept others Prospective: Express your interest in understanding others prospective what they are sharing. Do not be rigid on your viewpoint. You might be right but other can also be right. Once you understand their point you have the opportunity to identify the point of difference between to be acknowledged, resolved and accepted.

Aren't you excited to learn how to handle difficult conversation at work?

As per research 90% of the relationship challenges with the people is because of their inability of handling difficult conversation at work and in their personal life. And as a result, either they get into conflict or start avoiding the conversation which makes their relationship more toxic and creates an unhealthy work-culture.

At India Coaching Federation (ICF) we help business leaders to coach and transform their leadership to handle and resolve all business & relationhsip challenges with assure success or 100% money back guarantee.

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