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You can’t defeat pessimism by being Optimistic & Positive

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Optimism and pessimism are the two sides of the same coin; it looks very opposite because of its world meaning and use in literature and communication but they both originates form the same mind operating from strength & weakness.

They are both the extreme conditions of your mind where in some situations you are very optimistic about something in your life, career, business or relationship and by any reason if you do not get the expected result being positive and optimist then your mind immediately starts exploring the possibility of negative things which has creates obstacles or caused things not happening as per your expectation and you start switching negativity and probably in the blame game.

Both of these conditions creates dissatisfaction in life. So, it’s time to Transform optimism & pessimism into Reality & Possibility to have peace, satisfaction & fulfilment in life.

Sometime being Positive in negative situations can be harmful and dangerous too. The negative ideas of your mind have to be released, not repressed by positive ideas. You have to create a consciousness which is neither positive nor negative. That will be just the pure consciousness.

Present is the only truth you can witness!! But the mystery about the truth is that, most of the time it is not #pleasant. So, to defer the fear of unpleasant truth at Present, we prefer being Positive, futuristic and optimistic.

One thing which is common across all these words Positivity, Optimism, and futuristic is that they are all deviated from “Reality” of being “HERE & NOW”

A bit of creativity of the human intellect reflects in each and every word.

In Positivity & optimism we assume and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel without knowing, how longer and difficult the tunnel is.

Even without knowing that the light which is reflecting at the end of the tunnel is the real light or just an illusion of light.

The difficulty with all human being is that we have not been educated and trained to see and face the Truth the “Present Reality” and look for “possibility” we can create in this moment.

Think ….. Empower …… Transform

Transform your optimism and Positivity to reality and possibility

Hello friend, my name is Dhirendra Gautam, I am a life doctor and Leadership Coach, I help Business leaders & CXO’s to transform their personality to discover their “Oneself” their real personality & Leadership to further transform their decision making, through a scientifically designed patented framework to transform their career and take it to the next level of growth and success.

In this weekly newsletter, I am sharing my discoveries and experiences which I am experiencing by coaching and helping people to become a transformed Business leader, CXO and a transformed human being through India Coaching Federation (ICF).

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