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Empower your CONFIDENCE to become a Successful COACH

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Do you know around 90% Coaches are not earning enough money from their coaching business? Not even equal to the amount they use to earn as a full-time employee working with corporate in various functional positions.

In research done by India Coaching Federation team with more than five hundred coaches in India who are providing their coaching service in different cities and parts of India and providing Life, career, business and relationship coaching, it was very surprising to discover that most of them are struggling in setting up and streamlining their coaching business and revenue model even after three plus years of being in coaching service.

While doing the root cause analysis, we discovered the three main reasons due to which coaches are not able to establish their coaching business.

These three main reasons are:

1. Confidence

2. Credibility and

3. Content.

In addition, there are several other business and profession related challenges are also their which we will be discussing one by one in our blog on the website of India Coaching Federation.

First, we will be discussing these three factors in detail.


To become a successful coach, it is very important to have confidence in yourself and in your coaching ability to bring transformation in the life of the people to resolve any challenges in their Life, career, business and relationship.

“As a coach you should be having confidence to stand in front of your any client or Coachee and say that I will help you resolve your life, career, business or relationhsip challenges or I will not charge any fees”.

If you have this kind of confidence, you will never have any problem of having clients for your coaching service.

But the big question is that how you can have that kind of confidence?

This confidence come from you own capability as a coach in transforming your own life, career, business and relationhsip challenges. If you are empowered to transform your own challenges then you have 1st hand practical experience of your personal transformation and this experience will empower you with the power of your self-confidence to stand and say your clients that if you can not help in resolving their challenges you will not charge any fees.

Coaching is all about people’s transformation, where you can empower any human being to help resolve their challenges is their Life, career, business and relationhsip.

At India Coaching federation, we train and certify coaches to help them “Discover their Coach within” by 1st analysing, discovering and acknowledging their own challenges in their life and then discovering the solution through a scientifically designed framework and resolving the problems.

If you are willing to become a ICF certified Chartered coach with “CONFIDENCE” do book a one-to-one session with our ICF Director and Master Coach at

And if we cannot help you discover your coach within and transform your life, we will not charge any fees from you.

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